Feb 14, 2004
the scientific world of kids

Well its been a while hasnt it? that was caused by getting strep throat the day after my last entry. which i tried not to go to the hospital cause of bills but it like i guess you would say "mutate" cause technically thats what happens, say if one person has a cold and after they are cured, they truely are immune to that exact cold. but over time colds change with every person so you can never get the same cold twice, fucked up huh? well after 3 days of mental and physical anguish my dad made me go to the hospital which i was not looking forward too. they shot me with 5 needles of morphine and 4 vicoden(vicoden=pain killer, very good at it too) and i had anti biotics and ear meds cause the infection leaked into my ear and caused a very very very bad ear infection which was ungodly pain, even after all the drugs they put me on. well since then ive gotten better and pretty much done nothing, so thats the reason for my absence.yesterday me and marty went to c.d.s house and watched the kids, since the girls dont get out much i took them to the park since c.d. or marty didnt. we played on the big jungle gym toy things and they wanted me to act like a shark to scare them. it was weird cause i actually enjoyed my self. i took c.d.s little sister aside and talked to her about school and if everything was going ok, and told her if she ever needs someone to talk to i would be available at anytime. that made her quite happy since her real brothers pick on her cause shes a little slower than the normal kids. but she reminds me of a younger me, a little worse but the kid seems really alone sometimes, not physically but mentally. i always talk to her and make sure she has a good time. also i helped a few of the girls get over there fears of heights by holding there legs while they did the monkey bars so if they fail i would catch them anyways :-p pretty sweet. made me feel good to help them out. but thats pretty much the jist of that story. but as today i went to red robin and there was quite a few beautiful women there. one impaticular caught my eye. a waitress, i believe her name was kylie or something around there. but when she passed the table i told her "exuse me for bothering you while your busy." as she replied, "oh no its quite alright" and i then continued with "i just wanted to tell you that you are the most beautiful women ive seen here tonight" and she blushed and said "thank you" but that was pretty much the highlight of the night. oh but there was when they sang happy birthday to martys uncle, quite interesting song they had. it went something like this "i dont know what ive been told, but someone here is getting pretty old" well im heading home now since im over at martys house. gotta get some sleep. havent been home for over a week...well staying the night that is.

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Feb 1, 2004
i stole a street sign..

thought that title would get the most attention. well done with the paper route. about half way through marty got pissed and kicked a stop sign and broke it. so we grabbed it and loaded it into the van and i got the top part. so im now the proud owner of 29th ave and bonnie doon ave. great stuff. it seems that marty was getting tired of the paper route so hes going to tell j.d. that hes not going to do it anymore. i hope things turned out not too bad. now heres a short true story of me and a friends convo for intertainment.

friend: im thinking about selling one of my nuts
me: cool
friend: where would i do it
me: black market i think
friend: and how much do u think that its worth
me: no clue
me: never sold nuts before >.>
friend: does the black market have a website
me: lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
friend: what?
friend: is there one or not?
me: ya its

quite interesting in my own opinion. but hes a good kid. anyways im off to make a sandwich and head to bed. gotta get up in a few hours to help my friend nicole with setting up a paint ball field then gotta help my friend joe with his hair cut then heading over to martys. goodnight!

(p.s. write in the damn tagboard!)

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Jan 31, 2004

made my first blog friend a little bit ago, her name is vanillafan shes really nice and seems to have alot of interesting things to talk about. shes a singer song writer and she lives in texas! so go check out her blog.

ok since im done with the plugging, lets talk about the past few days. well i went over to c.d.s house to help him baby sit his cousins and little brother and sister. so basicly just hung out watching movies helping the kids if they want something to drink or need something, and it was probably about 11:00pm when i was dazing off trying to watch this movie called feardotcom. even though i kept dazing off and then i awoke to his little brother that was crying at the end of the bed and he was gone out of the room, so i told him "come here william its ok buddy" and he crawled over to me and wrapped himself around my arm. now even though i dont like kids that much but that was cute, well it was untill the movie ended then i had to think of a strategy to move with out him knowing. as usual i got away with it and went out and played some gamecube with him. pretty simple boring time. drank some jack daniels, not too much though, then ate a few hot pockets and drank some pop. pretty simple night till about 7:00am when we decided to call it a night. well i made the mistake of sleeping on the couch, seeing as all the kids got up a hour later and came running through the living room like a fucking bat out of hell! finally got the strength to crawl into the spare room and pass out on the bed only to be asked every 10 minutes another stupid question by the kids comming in, with my response being everytime "go ask c.d." so finally get a few hours rest and wake up to c.d. jumping on the bed screaming "wake up wake up!!" so finally get up ate some more hot pockets listened to some music packed up my crap, put on my cat in the hat hat and headed home on the bus, god i like the funny looks people give me for wearing this hat ^_^ pretty much thats all. hopfully in the next few days ill have some more interesting stuff for you guys!

 mood: happy

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Jan 30, 2004
calling all gamers..

ok today usual night. went to hang out with marty at his uncles house(really cool guy)and we were talking about his x-box andi i seen he had terminator 3, so i asked if it was any good and marty butts in "oh god you wont want to play that game more than 2 minutes" and his uncle asked if i had a x-box which i replied with a yes and he said if i tried it and liked it i could have it. well i play it for about 10 minutes..got about the same reation out of it as minority report. not the best game by far but hell its a free game! plus i kinda like these games cause you can beat them in like probably a 6 hour gaming spand. so there a fun vacation on the side when you just wanna fuck up everything in sight. now come on gamers dont you think it was a wise idea? free video game must i remind you?! oh and if your not a gamer and you just read all of this. quit now and hopfully you'll be ok from the simple but at the same time complex stupid gamer discussion.

off to sleep.

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Jan 28, 2004
i can give but not ask?

seems yet again, im helping them out with the paper route tonight. not a big deal, it can be fun at times. but i currently lost my cable internet and i needed to burn some files off martys computer. simple enough having a bad ass cable connection right? no... for some reason im not allowed to and he suggested i try on our friends computer which has cable but is completely fucked and wont work at all right now, and he explained that aol instant messager started working...whoopie fucking doo! that does alot for the burning program doesnt it? i dont know it just really fucking pisses me off that he has a 120gig hd and cant spare the room for say 2 hours! O_< hopfully this one be one of my last blogs and i end up climbing a bell tower screaming sanctuary and snipe people off one by one thinking its a good thing.
 mood: angry

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Jan 27, 2004
too much damn sleep..o.o

For some odd reason i seem to be sleeping alot more than usual. usual sleeping time would be probably 6 hours now im sleeping like 16 hours at a time! not good >.> and on top of that i went to help my friend marty and j.d. with a paper route and the whole time i was working i was either getting bitched at for no reason or they would be talking while i was driving and would be directing it at me but without me knowing so they would scream if i went to far from a stupid house or some shit. one giving one direction one saying something else "go" "no stop!" god it was fucking annoying. marty didnt do too bad it was j.d. that was being pissy. im probably going to do it with them again tonight, but if he throws another tissy fit im not going to again. no need for me to offer my services at fucking 4:00am for nothing just to get bitched at, i think its a bad deal personally. now im off to martys house to eat and play on cable internet.

 mood: irritated

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Jan 25, 2004
kick ass night and then some

Well the last 24 hours have been quite fun, i t started out when a bunch of my friends(timm,kris,valko and james) and I went to a club where a cool band called 2headedchang(www.2headedchang.com) but when we showed up it seemed we arrived too early, so we had a hour and a half to kill. So we walked around back and my friend timm and kris started playing with the lighters, tweaking them out so they are on a extremely high setting. (which was good cause they helpt keep our hands warm by putting lighter fluid gas on our hands then lighting them.) So one of them, not sure who got the bright idea of spraying gas into a plastic water bottle then lighting it near the opening of the bottle and shot a jet of fire which climbed up my friends face. luckily  It didnt do anything but i gotta say it was damn funny! Then we got the idea since we were right off a main road that we should chase one of us  down then act like were beating the crap out of them and run and see how many cars stop(5/7 times we did it we chose valko),  After about a half an hour of doing that we decided to go to kfc down the road and get some chicken strips.  we all walked in the side entrance to be greeted by a bunch of little gangbanger wanna-bes and we were originally on our way to a rock concert so of course were all decked out in rocker clothes, so we walk around them smiling when we were getting the chicken strips. i dont know why but i love pissing them off. after that we  were heading back and stopped at a local bowling alley place called eagle lanes, but to our luck it was a private party that night so we stood out front with some people and talked for a while. then we continued our journy  back to the club, but on the way were confronted by a fairly mean looking dog. so kris picked up a snow/ice ball and chucked it like 20 feet and made a direct hit on the right side of his hip. he took off quick. then finally we arrived at the club to meet all my friends out side, and we got another stupid idea. well how i had my clothes was i had a pair of pants underneith another which had holes on the knees(my personal style) but its been a while since i cut the frays off it so we lit them all on fire and i ran around and drew a big crowd, quite interesting. then we continued to make my more on fire by pouring perfume or what ever flammable material on my clothes to light me on fire. only lasted a short while cause the bands started playing. then it started getting good. they had the spot lights going, which kinda sucked cause they were like 800 degrees hot so it slowly but surely heated up the crowd since everyone was just smashed together. after the first two bands the best came on, two headed chang.the best part was when they played one of there hit songs and he was passing the microphone around the front of the crowd to individual people to say the keywords "but ill never give a inch to the motherfuckers" he passed it to me and my friend marty both individually. that was just the best.and for the rest of the time.. lets just say i head banged for a straight hour and a half(not includding the ocassional mosh pit. after that was all said and done our ride home(a old friend from ellensburg) asked if me and timm wanted to come hang out at the hotel with her, so we said yes and we went and got some jack in the box and headed to the hotel, of course when we were driving pass the office we had to duck down :-p but then we got inside and pretty much just joked around. timm having like 2 hours sleep the night before was completely out in like a half an hour.. so me and sierra were just talking for a while then took some no doze so it would hopfully keep us up so we have more time to talk and hang out, but to no avail. we both passed out for about 2 hours, woke up snuggling at about 5am and then the no doze decided to kick in. as well as nightmares so we stayed up for quite a while. then she tried to sleep again and i watched over her for a while but about 10 minutes later she was back up cause of another nightmare. i felt bad for her. shes such a cool person to begin with. so we sat up and talked about this weird cartoon on the tv that looked like a rip off of scooby doo, had a talking stoner dog and everything. but the dude that would of took shaggys place looked like a mixure of velma and shaggy. quite disturbing. but then we slept some more  and woke up to take timm to church and we heard someone playing loud rap music outside in a truck and it was kinda pissing us off so we went and looked to find it was a really old lady getting her stuff and leaving lol. so we packed up and headed out. yet again having to duck as we passed the office. so i came home, crashed and here i am. as far as im concerned it was a frigging awsome night

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